Saturday, August 27, 2011

Getting Through School

I started school for Pharmacy Technician 9 weeks ago. I have been so involved in just trying to keep up that time has just flown by. The program is 18 weeks and broken down into 2 classes, Pharmacy and Math. I have managed to pass both. I am truly grateful for the ability to take the course and the mind to continue in it.

My husband and I are slowly healing over the loss of our dog Kola. A cat showed up the week that she passed. An orange tabby that no one is sure of the sex. He/she has become the neighborhood cat. My next door neighbor is feeding it. He/she comes over daily for some loving and to sleep in the garage at night. We are trying to find a home for it. My husband, who is not a cat person, said Kola did not send the cat. We laugh because he was the first to buy food and started petting it. He wants to keep it around but refuses to let it in the house. Being in Michigan, I am concerned for the winter.

My thoughts and prayers are with those going through hurricane Irene on the east coast. The drama queen in me misses the excitement that surrounds the approaching hurricane but the sober, serene me is quite happy being a thousand miles away from the turmoil.