Friday, September 9, 2011


My parents as of today. Warms my heart yet causes me to get verklemplt (yiddish for overcome with emotion). They both got new hairdos today. I am pleased as punch with them. I think they are cute as can be. I really am very fortunate. No, I am not going to be acerbic today. For those in the dark, please see yesterday's commentary.

My daughter woke up today for the first time without a headache. We were able to get out and about for the first time since the surgery. She was in a really good mood. We went to lunch and also to a craft store to get stickers to decorate our lap tops. The poor mans answer to lap top skins. $1.99 vs $29.99. Not a hard call here. It was a fun day.

Joke seen today on Facebook....

Two drunken men were driving home. The first started screaming: - Jim, watch out for the wall, watch out for the waaaaall!
Baaaaam! They hit the wall.
The next day in the hospital the first man said to his friend: - "You good for nothing! I'd been screaming for you to watch out, why didn't you?
Jim answered: - "IT WAS YOU DRIVING!!!"

I still like a drunk joke. Been there, done that. Figure I am qualified to tell them.

Grateful for today. Grateful to be able to drive sober. Grateful for my family.
Thank you Howard. You know who you are.....

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