Thursday, September 8, 2011

Word of the Day

a·cer·bic (-sûrbk) also a·cerb (-sûrb)
1. Sour or bitter tasting; acid. See Synonyms at bitter.
2. Sharp or biting, as in character or expression: "At times, the playwright allows an acerbic tone to pierce through otherwise arid or flowery prose" (Alvin Klein).

Wow. Can you say, yep? This is where I am at right now. Or maybe this is how I am most of the time. In my head that is. I read on Facebook this morning where someone posted "
I'm a bitch and don't need to explain it. There. I said it". Well, I wanted to post "So that's your excuse". I always think these smart ass thoughts in my head when I see or hear these snarky things but don't comment as I am trying to live a sober life. In AA, we are not brutally honest to the point where we hurt others feelings or step on the toes of our fellow man (or woman). For me, I know when I get this way I have to be careful because I may be on my way to mania. Irritablility and smart-assness are common signs of manic behavior for me.

But still, I'd like to comment honestly to these ridiculously inane statements that people have the tendency to make on Facebook. Especially when they put their comings and goings on there. Do we really need to know that they are doing their laundry or their kid has green snot in his nose? But like everything else, it is just my opinion.

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