Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Yoga centers me. I used to do it more regularly. I just got back into it. I figured I had to start somewhere. So I began on a Monday night for an hour. Why is it that we don't take the time to do something for ourselves that can make us feel good inside and out? Don't get me wrong. Yoga is not an activity for the faint at heart. It is not just sitting around chanting Ohmmmm. It involves bending and stretching and a lot of deep breathing. It hurts at first when you do it. It is a good ache.

I like that when I am doing it I feel in touch with the spirit inside me. I am beginning to relax and let the worries of the world melt away. It is difficult to not let your monkey mind take over while you are practicing yoga. What am I going to fix for dinner? What all do I have to do tonight?

What I have to remember is that I can use yoga to get out of the rat race of life and de-stress. I could have used it last night when my head hurt and my brain was full. I just have to remember to do it. That my friends is a whole nother post.

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