Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Interesting pic I found on my phone yesterday. This is The Band Perry who are up for Best Country Song Grammy award this year. This was taken Memorial Day 2010 at Fox Creek High School in N. Augusta, SC. This is when they were touring fairs and small towns. Now they are doing concerts and the Ellen show! I love it!

Yesterday was a rough day for Dad. He was starting to feel the pain from his knee surgery. He didn't sleep well the first night at the hospital. Mom woke with a killer cramp in her foot and then later closed her hand in the garage door. We did go to Christie's house and have a good dinner and a wonderful visit. The day ended on a good note as always and we were both very tired.

Today's Gift reading from Hazleden is about self-care with families and having boundaries and choices. I'm so glad that today I can choose with love for my family and for myself. I don't have to feel guilt and shame today.

"Every day is a fresh beginning; listen, my soul, to the glad refrain."
Sarah Chauncey Woolsey

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