Saturday, September 17, 2011


Today I have choices. Today I am going to choose to be a SOBEAR. Isn't life good?

I have joined a site called You have boards that have have subtitles such as home, style, recipes, sayings, etc. Then you can "pin" things you see on others boards to yours if you like them which if you click on these pins they lead you to a web site with the recipe or product, etc. When you are surfing the web and see an item or pic you like you can "pin" it. I have my pin button on my toolbar for quick pinning. My daughter so lovingly got me addicted to this wonderful site. I love it! What a time waster! It is my favorite next to That leads you websites that they deem interesting to you based on subjects you checked as interesting. You just click the stumble button.  If you find the site interesting, click like the page and it saves it in a folder for you. I am not endorsing anything that may cause you to become addicted or may cause you to veg in your underwear for days on end. I am only here to inform. You are on your own.

With that being said, may you all have a good day and find love in your life!

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