Sunday, February 20, 2011

Welcome Home

Welcome Home Mom and Grandma! I was so fortunate to have all my family waiting on me at home when I got back from the airport yesterday. It was organized chaos though-a situation in which there seems to be a lot of confusion and no organization, which makes you surprised that the results are good. We held out for 2 hours with 2 toddlers, a 10 year old, and 5 adults until a 7:45 dinner at Chilis where our waitress got us in and out in an hour on a Saturday night of all things. Amazing!
Sunday, a storm came in and brought about 7 or so inches of snow and then ice that night. Then cold. I finally made it out Monday night to my first meeting in 2 weeks. I was not very diligent while I was away. Needless to say I was feeling somewhat squirrelly. It was good to be back and in my routine. It is a slow process but I am getting there.
It was good seeing my grandkids over the weekend and having my granddaughter and her mom in from Detroit. My grandson spent the night Saturday night also. Only in sobriety could I do this. For this I am truly grateful.
As far as the weather they say in Michigan, if you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes.

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